How to use Humidifier bottle with Oxygen Concentrator?

Oxygen Humidifier Bottle Instructions

A humidifier bottle can help ease a sore, dry, and/or bloody nose because oxygen is a dry gas. By passing via a water bottle attached to the concentrator or liquid system, the oxygen absorbs humidity.

A humidifier bottle is a medical device used to humidify oxygen during therapy and emergencies with an oxygen providing system. It enhances humidity or moisture and reduces the dryness of supplemental oxygen. Read more: Size & Types of Humidifier Bottles

How to use Humidifier bottle with oxygen concentrator?

Directions for use - Figure 1

  1. Fill the humidifier bottle with distilled water to the maximum fill line.
  2. Do not overfill.
  3. Attach the humidifier cap to the bottle. Tighten carefully making sure to thread the cap and bottle snugly. Avoid cross threading as this will cause a leak.
  4. Depending on the machine you have, attach the inlet nut to the oxygen outlet or humidifier adaptor (Figure 2) on the oxygen system and hand tighten. If the inlet nut or adaptor are cross threaded, oxygen will leak out.
  5. Test the humidifier for leaks by setting the flow rate at 4 liters (or higher) and block the humidifier outlet. The safety valve should “pop” or “whistle” within 15 seconds. If it does not, check the bottle and lid to assure they are tight and repeat the test.
  6. After the humidifier bottle is attached properly, connect your extension tubing to the humidifier outlet, and turn the flow rate to your prescribed level.

Instructions to blow water out of extension tubing

  1. Disconnect the oxygen tubing from the humidifier bottle
  2. Connect oxygen tubing to a continuous flow source, the concentrator or a back up tank.
  3. Increase liter flow to maximum setting of airflow. This will force the water out of the tubing in a short period of time.
  4. Once the tubing is clear of water, turn flow to correct setting, or regulator to the off position.
  5. Reinstall oxygen tubing to the humidifier bottle or directly to the concentrator.
  6. Once a week, disconnect the humidifier bottle and clean with soapy water, rinse well and refill with distilled water.

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Caution: It is extremely important that you assemble the humidifier bottles correctly to avoid any leaks or you may not be receiving the amount of oxygen prescribed.

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