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Quick Dam Indoor Leak Kit

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Protect your home and property against leaks and spills with the Quick Dam indoor flood control kit. Quick Dams can be used for condensation build up, water-based spills and anywhere you need protection against water problems. They can also be used for wrapping around leaky pipes, hot water tanks and even to prevent water from entering doorways. Indoor water dams absorb water on contact and swell to create a berm. Durable hi-vis orange knit stretches as they grow. Mats and drip mats absorb water on contact and convert liquid to a gel. Inner absorbent is completely contained to prevent seepage.

    • Lightweight, quick and easy to use
    • Use for spills, leaks, drips and more  
    • Absorb, contain and control indoor problem water
    • Durable hi-vis orange dams stretches as they grow
    • Mats and drip mats absorb water and liquids on contact
    • Mats and drip mats convert fluid to gel
    • Not for use with saltwater, calcium and chlorine applications

  • 5 - mats
  • 5 - drip mats
  • 4 - 121.92 cm (4 ft.) barrier dams
  • 1 - 304.8 cm (10 ft.) barrier dam