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1mL | 27G x 1/2" - SOL-CARE™ 100019IM Safety Syringe with Fixed Needle (100 pcs)

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  • Manually retractable needle safety syringe
  • A specially designed plunger with a fit tip reduces dead space in the syringe
  • Ultra sharp needle minimizes pain on injection
  • Quantity: 100 per Box

SOL 100019IM  Specification:

Fill Volume: 1 mL
Needle Gauge: 27G
Needle Length: 0.5
Needle Length: 12.7 mm
Needle Tip Type: Regular
Needle Wall Type: Regular
Syringe Tip Type: Permanently attached
Typical Application: General use
SKU: SOLM-100019IM
Comparison SKU: BD-305945