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How to Choose The Right Incontinence Diapers & Underwear For Seniors?
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How to Choose The Right Incontinence Diapers & Underwear For Seniors?

Nearly 44 million Americans are dealing with urinary incontinence every day. However, the National Association for Continence (NAFC) estimates that nearly 80% of older adults with incontinence are using the wrong product. As an incontinence products supplier, we understand how challenging it can be to find the right incontinence products. If you are new to incontinence, this guide will help you navigate to the right incontinence products with ease.

Why Are Incontinence Products Needed?

Incontinence is the accidental loss of stool or urine. It can be urine or feces or sometimes both. Incontinence is mostly caused by medical conditions in old people.

When adults or children experience incontinence they have few options to treat themselves. For adults, it can be caused due to an enlarged prostate gland, cancer, childbirth, or other diseases affecting the urinary bladder, memory loss, nerve damage, developmental disability, or a number of other medical challenges. Treatments involved in improving incontinence are developing healthy lifestyle changes, surgery, medication, muscle training, and absorbent products. Using absorbent products helps you manage incontinence and offers the lowest risk with no side effects. Millions of people use incontinence products such as disposable underpads, adult diapers, absorbent underwear, etc.

Top 4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Incontinence Adult Diaper

There are four primary considerations when choosing the best incontinence underwear or adult diapers. Consider these 4 important points before purchasing incontinence underwear.

  • 1. Absorbency
    You might have heard many stories about soiled linens, discoloration after laundry, leaks in public, and more. While there are many reasons for poor product performance, one of the most common reasons is low- absorbency standards. Many companies might market their incontinence underwear as super absorbent, ultra-absorbent, etc. but just because these words appear on the packaging does not always make them true. To make sure the product is actually absorbent, look at the cup size of the diaper and make sure you have picked one with the correct size. At Emerdepot we strongly recommend the caregivers and wearers consider the absorbency needs before choosing urinary incontinence products.

    Attends Premium Briefs Overnight Protection


    This Attends Premium from Emerdepot comes with the softest and most absorbent material with a high rise and full fit protection. It provides leak protection overnight and all day long. You can enjoy a trip or dinner with your family or friends being carefree and stress-free from any leaks and odor.

  • 2. Material
    Another important consideration when choosing incontinence products is the type of material used. There are two types of materials most often used; cloth-like material and poly-backed material. The Poly-backed incontinence underwear is made with a plastic backing, the same material used in most baby diapers available on the market. While in cloth-like incontinence underwear, the material used is cloth-like material that is rustle-free and soft. The cloth-like material stays soft and breathable and promotes good skin health.

    Based on your personal choices you can use cloth-like material or poly-backed material underwear. Most incontinence adult diapers and underwears are latex-free. However, if you are allergic to latex then use only products that are marked as latex-free.

    Attends Dermadry Advanced Brief

    Attends Breathable Brief Extra-absorbent from Emerdepot is made of soft, breathable material, and contains a Single Core Plus layer with more absorbent polymers for greater absorbency. It can easily absorb any amount of heavy to severe incontinence, enhance dryness, and helps odor-blocking.

  • 3. Size
    The size of the product is extremely important for better performance and protection. There is a major misconception that larger sizes hold more urine and feces. While this may appear true to some extent, one must not ignore that a proper fit is important for the better performance of the product. Products that are too large can create openings and gaps and may cause leaks from the waist and legs. This is one of the major reasons many caregivers and wearers complain about urinary incontinence leaks and accidents related to the size, brand, and absorbency of the product. Remember that one of the major problems lies with choosing the wrong size of the product.

    Attends Advanced Protective Underwear Super Plus Absorbency with Leg Gathers

    This Advanced Protective Underwear from Attends available at Emerdepot can be worn under clothing. This product is designed with a soft material that stays gentle on the skin and is available in a wide range of sizes.

    Review this size chart for fitting details. You can even try a free sample of this product upon request.

  • 4. Cost
    Many people list cost as the main consideration when purchasing the incontinence products. But we remind caregivers and wearers that you get what you pay for. Lower cost products may work well for some people but the majority complain that the quality of the material, durability, and performance is not as expected. Always go for products that provide better specifications in addition to being affordable. Before purchasing the products check their specifications provided by the manufacturer.

    Attends Dermadry Advanced Brief

    These Advanced Briefs from Attends are competitively priced and provide the best product specifications. It provides maximum absorbency, with excellent breathability, and is also available in various sizes. This product also helps in controlling odor and keeps the area dry all through the day and night.


These incontinence products from Emerdepot will impress you with their performance and keep you comfortable and stress-free from incontinence. You can shop for these high-quality products from the Emerdepot online shopping website or at the retail location. 

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