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Best High-Quality Mask for Air Travel!
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Best High-Quality Mask for Air Travel!

Choosing the best face masks is the only way to protect yourself from the Covid-19 and Omicron variant while traveling. The early travel restrictions have been eased. A lot of people are now booking flights for a vacation to take a break from the pandemic, to see their loved ones, and for essential business trips.  At the end of the day though the virus is still spreading even to vaccinated people. A plane is a crowded indoor space, where the virus is can spread rapidly. It is difficult to keep socially distanced on a plane.

According to Transport Canada, “The Government of Canada requires that all travelers six years and older wear a face mask large enough to cover their mouth, nose, and chin during their entire travel journey. This applies to travelers who are fully vaccinated as well.” 

The best protection for yourself when traveling is wearing N95, KN95, and Medical Face Masks.


1. N95 Respirators:

For the NIOSH N95 respirators mask, there should be an approval number (TC-84A-####) stamped on it. One of the most popular is 1870 plus from 3M Aura.

The 3M Aura Series Particulate respirator 1870 Plus is a NIOSH approved N95 Made in Canada. This N95 mask has comfortable inner material and provides respiratory protection against certain airborne particles.  It is:

  • NIOSH approved N95 particulate respirator
  • Meets NIOSH 42 CFR 84 N95 requirements for a minimum 95% filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols that do not contain oil.
  • NIOSH approval number: TC-84A-5726
  • Assigned Protection Factor (APF 10) per US OSHA and Canada CSA

 Find More on NIOSH approved N95


 2. KN95 Mask:

KN95 respirators it must meet standard GB 2626-2019

2.1 KN95 Black Face Mask

This KN95 Protective Face Mask - Black has a 5 Ply filter for filtering particulate, viruses, and microbes.  Key features of this mask include:
  • Filtering Droplets
  • Anti-fog
  • Made with Non-woven fabric, melt-blown fabric, hot air cotton
  • Disposable Folding mask
  • Standard: GB 2626-2019

2.2 VitaCore CAN95e White

The CAN95e Surgical Respirator is Vitacore's newest and most advanced particulate respirator. White & Black.  Made in Canada. 
  • Earloops for a Comfortable Fit for Everyday use
  • >95% Filtration
  • Level 3 Fluid Resistance  (>160 mmHg blood penetration resistance)
  • Fully Aluminum Nose Piece (MRI compatible) 
  • Graphene and Fiberglass Free
  • Made In Canada

 3. Medical Face Mask:

Some disposable non-medical masks may look like medical masks but don’t meet regulatory standards. Look for a medical mask that has ASTM F2100 

This means that this mask has been tested and meets international standards for:

  • particle and bacterial filtration
  • breathability
  • fluid resistance
  • flammability of materials

3.1 Medicom Safe Mask Premier Elite ASTM Level 

Medicom Safe Mask Premier Elite Face is a medical face mask ASTM Level 3 protection. This medical face mask meets the current ASTM F2100 Standard for Level 3.  This Procedure Earloop Face Masks are: 
    • Smooth, stretchy, latex-free, ultrasonically sealed ear loops prevent irritation and allow easy removal with a lower risk of self-contamination. 
    • An adjustable nosepiece provides a comfortable, personalized fit.
    • Shingle pleat design prevents fluid pooling and cross-contamination.
    • Non-woven layers will not lint, tear, or shred.


    3.2 Medicom Master Series  ASTM Level 3

    Medicom Master Series is a medical face mask ASTM Level 3 protection. This medical face mask meets the current ASTM F2100 Standard for Level 3.  Procedure Earloop Face Masks. 

      • Engineered with Simply Soft™ technology for luxurious softness and comfortable fit without compromising protection or breathability.
      • Available in all 3 levels of ASTM protection and in a variety of vibrant colors for a look as personalized as the care you provide.
      • Not made with natural rubber latex

      Other Medical Face Mask

      We are authorized Distributor for Medicom and Makrite N95 and medical mask. You can shop online or in-store at 3220 Dufferin St Toronto, ON Canada.