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Procedure mask: uses and proper way to wear
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Procedure mask: uses and proper way to wear

Most of us are well-versed in the fact that the face masks prevent oneself from catching illness spread through droplet infection and ensure that others do not catch our disease if we are sick with the kind of sickness circulating in the same manner. Procedure masks have most of the times been confused with surgical masks. But to be clear about the misunderstanding, procedure masks are not safe while doing any medical procedure like surgery. They do not protect against microbes and other tiny disease-causing organisms. Procedure masks in Canada gained popularity during the Corona pandemic, as they were expected to prevent the spread of the otherwise deadly disease. This again was surrounded by numerous misconceptions starting from the correct way to wear them till When, where and how to dispose of them. Procedure masks in Canada are available in three various forms, namely:

  • With Earloops
  • With ties
  • With bands

The correct way to wear them!

The correct way to wear a procedure mask is straightforward if followed in the correct pattern. All you need to do is follow these simple steps for all these three variations. The basic idea is identical, and the difference lies only in the wearing pattern.

  1. Wash your hands properly to avoid contaminating the mask.
  2. After you take the mask out of the box, ensure no holes or defects in the front, which would otherwise hamper the actual work of a mask.
  3. To determine the mask’s front side, look for the bendable edge, which is meant to take the shape of the nose. Moreover, the colour check can also be done to determine the front side. The white side is the backside, and the coloured side is the front.
  4. The three variations of marks as discussed above have different ways to wear which are
  5. Wearing procedure mask with Earloops: Make sure you don’t touch the mask. Hold the mask with the loops and wear them around each ear.
  6. Wearing procedure mask with Ties: Getting the mask to the nose level and then placing the ties at the crown of the head is required to wear it in the right way. The ties can then given a knot to keep them at the desired place.
  7. Wearing the mask with bands: After you hold the mask in your hand, bring it to the nose level. Pull the upper band at the crown of the head and the lower band at the neck’s nape.
  8. Pinch the bendable edge with the share of the nose.
  9. Pull the mark over the chin and the mouth.

Removing them!

Removing the procedure mask in the correct way us as important as wearing them appropriately. Here are the steps that can be followed to remove them safely:

  1. Make sure to wash your hands properly or sanitize them.
  2. Never touch the front side of the mark because there are chances of it being contaminated.
  3. Hold the ear loops or bands, depending upon the type of procedure mask.
  4. For procedure mask with ear loops, hold the loops gently and lift them to remove.
  5. For procedure mask with bands, lift the strap at the bottom over the head and then pull the top strap afterwards to remove it.
  6. For procedure mask with bands, pull the bottom strap first and then the top strap to remove the mask.
  7. Throw the used mask in the trash and wash your hands properly.

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