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25G x 1 1/2" - TSK STERiGLIDE Aesthetic Cannula Needle (20 pcs)
25G x 1 1/2" - TSK STERiGLIDE Aesthetic Cannula Needle (20 pcs)
25G x 1 1/2" - TSK STERiGLIDE Aesthetic Cannula Needle (20 pcs)

25G x 1 1/2" - TSK STERiGLIDE Aesthetic Cannula Needle (20 pcs)

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The 25G x 1 1/2" (38mm) TSK STERiGLIDE™ Esthetic Cannula needle is designed for precision and comfort, featuring a patented design for easy introduction and accurate filler placement. This premium cannula is the choice of many key opinion leaders in the industry. Contains 20 cannulas per box.

Cannula Needle Specifications:

  • Manufacturer Ref: SGC-25038-020
  • Cannula Size:  25G (0.50 mm) x 1 1/2" ( 38 mm)
  • Easier cannula introduction
  • Minimal risk of bruising
  • Optimal gliding
  • Reduced patient discomfort
  • Quantity: 20 Each per Box

Manufacture Details:

SKU  SGC-25038-020

– Minimal bruising
– Near-painless experience
– Save up to 0,08ml BoNT per needle
– Significant cost savings

THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE is the first needle of its kind and the thinnest needle available. Technology advancements have made it possible to make this needle 33% lighter than a 30G needle (used for insulin syringes) and 14% thinner than the TSK 33G needle. This minimal diameter of THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE results in a nearly painless experience for patients and is ideal for BoNT injections.


20 pieces

STERiGLIDE Cannula Gauge 

25G (0.50 mm)

STERiGLIDE Cannula Length

1 1/2" ( 38 mm)

Needle Gauge 

23G (0.60 mm)

Needle Length

 3/4" (19 mm)


Steriglide  Cannula 


This TSK STERiGLIDE aesthetic cannula needle is designed with precision. Firstly, the 25G x 1 1/2" needle (38mm) is optimized for comfort and accuracy, allowing you to work with confidence and skill. Additionally, ideal for aesthetic procedures, this industry-leading needle is sure to provide reliable performance. Moreover, it comes with 20 pcs, ensuring you have an ample supply for your practice.

The STERiGLIDE™ Aesthetic Cannula Needle comes in a 25G x 1 1/2" size, featuring a patented dome-shaped tip design for easier cannula introduction and minimal risk of bruising. Furthermore, the dome tip reduces cannula introduction force and the likelihood of discomfort for your patient. Carefully crafted for safety and efficiency, these needles are an excellent choice for medical professionals.

Experience optimal gliding and reduced patient discomfort with the 25G x 1 1/2" - TSK STERiGLIDE™ Aesthetic Cannula Needle (20 pcs). Moreover, crafted with the highest quality steel and a proprietary surface treatment, this needle ensures reliable performance and comfortable handling. In addition, it guarantees a seamless and precise application for a flawless aesthetic procedure.

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