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MedPro High Concentration Oxygen Mask Kit

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The MedPro High Concentration Oxygen Mask Kit is an indispensable tool for individuals in need of oxygen therapy. Whether in a healthcare facility or at home, this kit delivers a dependable and comfortable solution for oxygen delivery.

Key Features:


  • Precise Fit: The mask features an adjustable nose clip and elastic head strap, allowing for a secure and comfortable fit for patients of all ages and sizes.

  • Clear and Transparent: The transparent mask allows for easy monitoring of the patient's condition and ensures that the proper seal is maintained during oxygen therapy.

  • Latex-Free: The mask and components are latex-free, making it safe for individuals with latex allergies.

  • Easy to Use: The MedPro High Concentration Oxygen Mask Kit is user-friendly and can be quickly and securely attached to standard oxygen tubing or a flowmeter.

Instructions For Use:

  1. Connect oxygen tubing firmly to the nose piece.
  2. Connect the other end to a source of oxygen.
  3. Set flow meter to desired amount of oxygen.
  4. Ensure all connections are secure.
  5. Tighten elastic around head and over ears.
  6. If there is concern of mask failure, replace mask immediately.

Why Choose the MedPro Oxygen Mask Kit:

  • Reliability: MedPro is a trusted name in healthcare products, known for delivering reliable and high-quality medical equipment.

  • Comfort and Precision: Our kit is designed for both patient comfort and the precise delivery of oxygen, ensuring optimal therapy outcomes.

  • Ease of Use: The user-friendly design ensures that patients and caregivers can set up and use the kit with confidence.

  • Safety: The latex-free construction reduces the risk of allergic reactions, and the transparent mask allows for continuous monitoring.

Ensure your loved ones or patients receive the best oxygen therapy possible with the MedPro High Concentration Oxygen Mask Kit. Trust in the brand that prioritizes quality and precision in medical equipment. Buy now to experience dependable oxygen care that makes a difference in respiratory support and overall well-being.