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Lancet Surgilance Safety Lancet Needle 2.2 Mm Depth 21 Gauge Push Button Activated (100pcs/box)

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$31.50 CAD
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$51.50 CAD
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$31.50 CAD
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Product Description

  • Safe, Easy & Effective
  • Taking patient samples has never been easier.
  • Low, medium, and high blood flow lancets make SurgiLance safety lancets the ideal choice for all your testing requirements.
  • The needle or blade is safely concealed before and after use.
  • Once the lancet has been used, it is rendered inoperable, providing added safety for both clinician and patient.
  • No arming is required.
  • Lancets are color-coded for easy recognition.
  • High-speed delivery minimizes clinician error and patient pain.