Black Friday

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1. Masks Wheelchair Wound Care
2. Gloves Rollator Nebuliser
3. Walker Needles
4. Crutches Medical Test Kits
5. Incontinence Ring Pessary
6. Disinfectants Catheter
7. Sanitizers

Authorized ODSP Vendor Range of Eligible Medical Supplies Covered by Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP):

  • Incontinence Products – Adult Diapers, Adult Pull-ups, Adult Underwear, Wipes, Underpads, Pads & Guards
  • Diabetic Supplies – Blood Glucose Monitor, Lancets, Insulin Syringe, Needle Tips, Wipes, Insulin Pump Supplies, etc
  • Wound Care – Dressings, Gauze, Antiseptics, Rolls, etc
  • Surgical Supplies – Enema Kits, Adhesive Tape, etc
  • Ostomy Supplies – Deodorizer, Pouches, Flanges, Paste, etc
  • Catheters – Straight, Indwelling, Drainage Bags, Leg Bags, etc
  • CPAP – tubing, masks, water chamber, distilled water, filters.
  • Liquid Nutrition – Oral Supplements, Enteral and Parenteral
  • Other – Anyting the Health care provider signs such as Latex / Vinyl Gloves, bedpans, Canes, etc