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6 Must Have Essential Wound Care Supplies In Every Health Care Center
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6 Must Have Essential Wound Care Supplies In Every Health Care Center

Medical health care professionals are responsible for providing treatment for many kinds of illnesses, injury, or ailments. Patients trust nurses and doctors to provide excellent health care with the best products available. So, it is crucial for medical healthcare professionals to stay vigilant in their efforts to provide the best care for the diverse needs of the patients.

To be prepared for treating various injuries and wounds, medical health care professionals need to stock wound care supplies such as wound dressing kits, wound dressing supplies, wound care bandages in adequate supply so that they can treat their patients as needed. These products are available to purchase online at or in-store (Medical Supply Store) at: 3220 Dufferin St, 14A, Toronto. 

Here are 6 wound care products that every medical health care provider must have on hand: 

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1. Gauze Sponges

Gauge sponges are versatile and are important supplies for patient wound care. These gauge sponges are used for cleaning excess body fluids before dressing the wound and they also provide a sterile barrier against dirt and bacteria. Depending on size, type and location of the wound there are different varieties of wound gauzes that can be used.

Medicom SafeGauze Sponges with Diamond Aperture

This Medicom SafeGauze Sponges with Diamond Aperture is one of the best gauze sponges available at Emerdepot. It is a hydrophilic non-sterile sponge that covers the wound gently and absorbs fluids quickly.

2. Bandages and Dressings

Most wounds require properly dressed banding to protect the area, keep it germ-free to promote healing. Keeping an adequate stock of bandages and dressings helps medical health care professionals treat wounds without any hassle.

Cohesive Bandage Ritmed® (36/BX) - (2 in x 5 yrd)

This cohesive Bandage from Emerdepot is highly adaptable with no-slip and adheres to itself. It will not stick to skin or hair and is gentle on the skin. It is used in noninvasive procedures to cover a dressing or to support a body part following an injury. It is available in two lengths and multiple widths and can be torn easily and cleaned by hand.

3. Surgical Tapes

Surgical tapes help in stabilizing and securing the banding that is placed over a surgical site or wound. Surgical tapes are hypoallergenic, self-adhesive, come in a variety of sizes, and are suitable for different kinds of injuries. There are various surgical tapes based on the injury and severity.

Micropore Paper Surgical Tape

This AMD Ritmed micro paper surgical tape from Emerdepot is strong, tangle-free, and is very gentle on the skin, especially for patients with sensitive skin. You can use this tape in a variety of dressing styles as it is very versatile. This is most often used in regular bandages and dressing changes.

4. Medical Gloves

Medical gloves help medical care professionals to touch the patients to minimize infections. Wearing gloves while treating an injured patient help in preventing any transmission of bacteria to their wounds and protects the medical professional from bacteria and viruses as well. Medical professionals must keep a constant supply of latex and latex-free gloves as well in stock.

Medical Examination Gloves Latex Powder Free- Cream by Hedy

These handy medical gloves from Emerdepot are tested in accordance with ISO and ASTM standards. These medical gloves are powdered and provide a precise fit due to their highest elasticity. These gloves are made from Natural rubber latex cross-linked with molecular structure. These gloves are high-performing and come in various sizes.

5. Water Leak Protection Mats

Many hospitals may have leaks or accidental fluid spills which can be hard to see on the floor. When stepped on such wet floors slips and falls can occur, causing serious injury, especially for both the patients as well as staff. To prevent dangerous slippery surfaces, protection mats are necessary as they absorb liquids from the surface and help in preventing serious damage and injury. These mats can absorb nearly 1 quart of water and prevent pools and puddles while reducing the slip hazards.

Quick Dam- Water Leak Protection Mats

These quick dam-water leak protection mats from Emerdepot absorb liquids quickly and turns them into the gel. The inner absorbent of this quick dam water leak protection mat prevents seepage and it can absorb nearly 1.5 quarts of water. You can use this product for any spills, drips, leaks, urine, blood, vomit, and wound care.

6.Medical Face Masks

The earloop face masks act as a barrier for the patient and the medical care professional against viruses, bacteria and airborne pathogens that would affect and complicate patient care further. Masks are a high priority medical wound supply as they protect both the patient and health care provider from contagious illness or infection.

Distech Prodecure Level 2 Earloop Face Masks From Ritmed Medicom - BLUE

This Medicom Ritmed Distech Procedure Level 2 Earloop Face Mask is a procedural earloop face mask that provides Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) up to ≥98%. This mask meets the current ASTM F2100 Standard for Level 2. It is resistant to Penetration by Synthetic Blood up to @120 mm Hg.


These are some of the most important wound care supplies every medical practitioner must-have. You can get these high-quality products from the best brands at Emerdepot at competitive prices. Visit our website or retail location and shop for all you wound care needs.